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Photo taken at the Wynfrey Hotel and I was thoughtful at that time.
Pastor Samual playing the flute at his new piano.

My Music Ministry began when I was only 17 and I was asked by my mother to play "Amazing Grace", on the flute for a 3:30 program.  I had only studied classical music up till that point but did know how to improvise in the Jazz idiom.

     I was an obedient son and practiced for two weeks playing "Amazing Grace" much like I had heard my mother sing it in church many times.  Even as I practiced it I noticed that I began to feel something well up on the inside of me and at first it frightened me cause I didn't know what it was at that point.

     As a young man in his senior year in high school I had only gone to church out of obedience to my father Rev. Samuel Burton Sr., who passed in 1989 and my mother Arveretta Burton who is a powerful  gospel singer and  is still living and singing today.  The day came when I played at the church and just before I finished the song I began to feel that welling up on the inside of me again and I began to cry and praise God as everybody in the church was either shouting or crying and praising God. That day not only was I saved and felt the holy spirit for the first time but a ministry was birthed as the holy spirit came upon the house of God and we witnessed the presence of God in that place. That year was a blessed year for me and I went back to school that monday telling everyone I could what God had done for me.

     It was nothing short of God's Amazing Grace that has kept me and sustained me thru turbulant times and thru good times as well.  This is my story, this is my song, praising my savior all the day long.

I have not taken the call or the annointing lightly and I press towards the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
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On Friday January the 3rd the Mitchell Family was burned out of their home on 95th and Cedar.  Deacon Mitchell, the father and husband was at the hospital getting his regular Dialysis Treatment.  Ruth Mitchell, the wife and mother and my sister and her children Justin 13, and Jazzmin 19 were able to escape from the fire without much damage but this family lost everything including a car that also burned  up.  They had insurance for both the house and the car but had to go thru a lot of red-tape to get any help.  Since this writing the Mitchells have been blessed with a new home and it is a lovely and much nicer home than the one they lost.  To God be the glory as we worship God in spirit and in truth.  God answers prayer and meets our needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  A special thank you to Dr. Daniel Cason, and all those that donated money, food, clothing and furniture. Our ministry is run by faith and donations of any amount are welcomed and encouraged as we are still a new ministry and are an even smaller congregation.  We encountered an astronomical gas bill due to the bitter winter weather. I am still making plans to complete a long awaited CD project soon.  I will shortly have a music download on this site for you to enjoy as God has blessed us with a wonderful gift in music. You can make money donations to (, or mail them to our new mailing address:  P.O. Box 397, Willoughby, Ohio 44096.

What Keeps Us Going

God has worked everything out that was troubling me since my last post and we are still worshiping at 15322 Wateroo Rd  44110.  Not only that but God has blessed me with an apartment above the church so I can watch over the house of God.  I am honored to be so used.

The Mitchells who were burned out of their home in January of this year have now moved into their new home and we rejoice as it did not come without geat suffering and need.  Thru this experience we have grown closer as a family and as a church and there are great things ahead for us as a body of believers


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